JKT for seating

The ID JKT has been developed for familiar transportations, and it features storage capacity specialized in sorting small devices.
The precise length design allows any remain seated postures such like desk work, transportations by bike or car, and it doesn’t interfere although the smart appearance suits both ON/OFF occasions.


Minimum quantity for "ID JKT DUAL POINT" is 1.

  • Material (wadding): KOMATHERMO
  • Concept: Cold Insulation x Defense Against The Heat
  • Function: Insulation Heat Retention, Hygroscopic Heat, Durable Electrostatic Property
  • Composition: Polyester 55 Nylon 45

Equipment & Function:

Wallet Pocket

A built-in front-hip pocket with a fastener.
Designed for storing cards, smartphones or local currencies.
Provides high security via direct access, whenever hands are placed in the pocket.

Device Pocket

2 different sizes, 4 in total built-in inner front body pockets with a convenient fastener on the left and right enables to separate small devices.
Allow to finely separate iPhones, stationaries, passport, ticket and local currencies within the pocket.
corresponding tablet 7.9 inch

Commentary about DUAL POINT:

Cold Insulation x Defense against the heat

A coat which has picked according to ambient temperature though not suitable during transportation or inside of facilities.
DUAL POINT series provides comfort winter season with different occasions of temperature in urban life.
Once you wear it yields a wide range of motion as like a sportswear.
For instance, the temperature of interior of Japan Rail East train cars is set at 22℃.
This is equivalent to average temperature June referring to average temperature in Tokyo.
Average lowest temperature in January in Tokyo is 2.5 ℃.
People have to bear with this temperature rise of maximum 20 ℃ in spite of wearing winter coats.
Shops and offices being overheated will easily be exceeded this this temperature difference.
Winter clothes being warm is an unchangeable fact.
TEATORA’s DUAL POINT series has been developed under the concept of adjusting to extreme temperature differences between outdoors coldness and indoor heat in urban in winter.



Special wadding used in DUAL POINT series is named KOMATHERMO from KOMATSU MATHERE Co., Ltd.
Key points of utilizing this material are divided into two major points.

Point 1 – Mobility due to the thinness

In shopping situations of having to carry a coat, heavy and bulky outwear that protects us from winter coldness, converts from protective existence to obstructing obstructing baggage.
KOMATHERMO from KOMATSU MATERE is overwhelmingly thinner than conventional insulations and on top of that does not have the conventional flare.
This allows jacket to be compactly wrapped up and stored in a bag.

Point 2 - Warmth

Contrary to its thinness, it provides high heat insulating property along with hydroscopic heat generating function.
Densely raised layer forms dead air layer that boats high insulation function andcombination of the characteristics of thread itself and special scientific treatment react to body temperature, raising maximum of 2 ℃.
The textile is also with antistatic that property reduces amount of static electricity that tends to charge up when worn.
*Antistatic performance should be varied depending on humidity of the environment.