Dynamic Storage Capacity

TIME ADAPTER has been developed for business trips.
It equips a A-4 size document pocket unimaginably from the appearance that can be adaptable for both work and private.
No more need a briefcase which you have been carrying only for a few pages of hardcopy with you.
It will make you hands-free in any situation.


Minimum quantity for "TIME ADAPTER BARRIERIZER" is 1.

  • Material: BARRIERIZER
  • Concept: All-weather
  • Function: Breathability, Walter-resistant, Antifouling
  • Composition: POLYESTER 85 NYLON 15

Equipment & Function:

Tablet Pocket

The immense pocket which is placed from inner waist part to armpit is enough to store a tablet.
The capability proves when you need to be hands-free or to bring the things do not fit into regular pockets.

Wallet Pocket

Incorporating a zipped pocket inner part of the waist pocket.
For keeping local currencies, cards or smartphones - it provides high security by direct access with your hand in the pocket.
It can be used as a security pocket as it is sized to fit a passport.

Device Pocket

The zipped pockets which are placed on both sides of front body are practical classifying small device accessories.
These allow to finely separate iPhone, pens, passport, ticket, local currencies, card and etc. within the pockets.

Document Pocket

Although in the era of digital documents, we still tend to get paper documents in business meetings.
You can be hands-free anywhere you go with the Document Pocket which can store A4 size documents.

Commentary about BARRIERRIZER:

Rain wear in fine weather

TEATORA’s one and only rain wear, BARRIERIZER
BARRIERIZER series developed with a concept of the rain wear that can be worn comfortably in fine weather has dynamic breathability that is unimaginably from conventional rain wears.
Once you let your hands through the sleeves of BARRIERIZER, all owned rain wears will be obsolete.

If you have BARRIERRIZER that can cover all weather extremely comfortably,
no need any other rain wears which are worn only for rainy day.



BARRIERIZER is a hybrid textile which exclusively developed as TEATORA’s only water repellent fabric.
The key feature is the dynamic breathability.
It’s by acquiring the breathability unimaginable from conventional rain wears, you feel extremely comfortable in it even in sunny day.
No need any other rain wears which are worn only for rainy day.

Focus on breathable, eliminate tensile and stiff by not using 3-Layer and provide completely opposite appearance from sports or outdoor wears.
It is suitable in any time, place and occasions, also liberates you from the stress of rain.
Combine with the storage pocket which is large enough to fit an iPad, you don’t need an umbrella or even a bag and it will free your hands.

*BARRIERIZER Series is the rain wear which has been developed effectively utilizing in cities.
This textile has been developed focusing on water repellent also on breathable.
Therefore the performance would decline in the situation exposing to the rain for long time.