Smart Packing for Travel

CARTRIDGE HOODIE is a series developed with focusing on travel packing and easy care.
It does not wrinkle easily when packed in a suitcase and it is quick drying if you wash it during travel.
This makes your travel more ideal.


Minimum quantity for "CARTRIDGE HOODIE WARPLOOP" is 1.

  • Material: WARPLOOP
  • Function: 360°STRETCH WASHABLE
  • Composition: POLYESTER 100

Commentary about WARPLOOP:


Long trips or teleworking,
has been developed for the situations to be in relaxation as the top priority.

WARPROOP that wraps you deeply and softly
is the TEATORA’s first-ever technical fleece lining.

The inner hollow long-haired structure that is emerged by unique structure
brings you fully cocooned relaxation
and reduce your fatigue that cumulated on daily basis.



WARPLOOP – the special fleece lining developed to obtain profound relaxation, is the exclusive textile developed based on the concept of “Deep Relaxation”.

WARPLOOP, aiming for the ultimate touch sensation,
achieves an unprecedentedly long pile by utilizing a special technique that individually implants each fiber on the inner surface, which was impossible with traditional loop-back fabrics.
The ultra-long pile on the surface against the skin side envelops the wearer deeply and softly.

Furthermore, to address the drawback of excessive heat retention in conventional fleece, the essential sate of relaxation “ideal temperature” is achieved through a special design that provides warmth and facilitates heat dissipation.
It maintains a comfortable temperature without trapping body heat.

WARPLOOP, which ensures the ultimate smoothness and maintains an ideal temperature, provides an immersive sense of relaxation to the wearers.


This product uses delicate materials with an emphasis on texture.
If you catch it on a protrusion such as an accessory or a rough object, or if you rub it, thread breakage or hairballs may occur.
Applied strong force may tear or slip off and please handle with care.

Due to the use of a special lightweight and textured yarn, this product may have variations in knitting, such as unevenness, horizontal stripes or subs on the knitted surface. In addition, if caught on accessories or rough surfaces, the yarn may break or pills may occur.