Dynamic Storage Capacity

DEVICE JKT has been developed for nomad workers equips a dynamic storage capacity unimaginably from the appearance.


Minimum quantity for "DEVICE JKT GHOST CODE" is 1.

  • Material: GHOST CODE
  • Concept: Master Cord of Garment
  • Function: 360° STRETCH WASHABLE
  • Composition: NYLON 79 POLYURETHANE 11 POLYESTER 10

Equipment & Function:

Wallet Pocket

Incorporating a zipped pocket inner part of the waist pocket.
For keeping local currencies, cards or smartphones - it provides high security by direct access with your hand in the pocket.

Air Ticket Pocket

The inner pocket is designed to enable to keep a rectangular boarding pass safely although its looks ordinary.

Tablet Pocket

The immense pocket which is placed from inner waist part to armpit is enough to store a tablet.
It performs the most when you need to be hands-free or to bring the things do not fit into regular pockets.

Jacket Size 1
Jacket Size 2 – 5
: corresponding tablet 7.9 inch only
: corresponding tablet 7.9 / 9.7 inch

Passport Pocket

Security pockets which are placed beside of vents are optimum to keep valuables like passport.

Commentary about GHOST CODE:

Master Cord of Garment:

has been developed under the concept of clearing all dress codes and
it is a line enables all dress codes in all occasions.

GHOST CODE anonymizes the wearer’s impression elegantly
slips through various dress codes
as like passing through a radar signal.



This special color named SHADOW has been developed for GHOST CODE
has a golden ratio that is driven by TEATORA, who studies dress code.

The color such like materializing shadow
contains a serenity in grace, and
anonymizes the wearer’s impression elegantly.

This exclusive textile for GHOSTCODE
has dynamic range of motion that is unimaginable from its classical appearance
and it’s the most in the TEATORA’s history.
This series which zero restrains the movement of human body
provides you the comfortable range of motion
by the dynamic elasticity and resilient kickback.