JKT for seating

The ID JKT has been developed for familiar transportations, and it features storage capacity specialized in sorting small devices.
The precise length design allows any remain seated postures such like desk work, transportations by bike or car, and it doesn’t interfere although the smart appearance suits both ON/OFF occasions.


Minimum quantity for "ID JKT PACKABLE" is 1.

  • Material: PACKABLE
  • Concept: Smart Packing for Travel
  • Function: Wrinkle resistant, Antifouling, Lightweight, Tensile Strength
  • Composition: Nylon 100

Equipment & Function:

Wallet Pocket

A built-in front-hip pocket with a fastener.
Designed for storing cards, smartphones or local currencies.
Provides high security via direct access, whenever hands are placed in the pocket.

Device Pocket

2 different sizes, 3 in total built-in inner front body pockets with a convenient fastener on the left and right enables to separate small devices.
Allow to finely separate iPhones, stationaries, passport, ticket and local currencies within the pocket.
corresponding tablet 7.9 inch

Security Pouch

A packable pouch which the garment to be stored in is placed in the inner part of the clothing also useful as a security pouch.

Commentary about PACKABLE:

Smart Packing for Travel

All items in this series are packable, which can be stored in a packable pocket which is placed in the inner part of the clothing.

Designed suitable for business and comfortability that you can be relaxed in the airplane, plus toughness as a garment.
A jacket which can be packed in a small purse & can be easily in a suitcase which will be more stuffs on the return trip – this series has started from the concept and it is to avoid using garment cases during business trips also enable time saving.

Please noted that the Packable Pouch is not attached on the following items:



The special yarn used for this textile has enabled TEATORA’s packable series.
This yarn which has been brushed in micro units has a touch like cotton, a firm like silk but a strength as nylon.
The micro-grosgrain weaved process with the yarn limits wrinkles but it is light, strong and comfort like a natural material.


This product is garment dye and each piece has different texture due to the shrinkage of the dyeing.
Some color unevenness and some peeling of the zip coating may occur.
If it’s rubbed while it is still wet, color staining may occur. Please wash it separately from other items.